Grumpy Owl Xmas Ugly Sweater


I don’t know anyone who is against saying “Merry Christmas.” I know a lot of people keep telling me, year after year, that liberals don’t like to say Merry Christmas, but I’m a liberal and I have lots and lots of liberal friends and acquaintances, and the Grumpy Owl Xmas Ugly Sweater. That said, there are some businesses that work with the public – mostly retail stores, I believe – that ask their employees to say “Happy Holidays”, rather than “Merry Christmas” to customers while those employees are on the clock. These store owners/managers are not “against saying Merry Christmas”, they just know that they have a diverse group of customers, so they want their employees to wish the customers happiness for whatever holiday(s) they happen to celebrate. And that’s only for while these employees are at work, nobody is telling them what to say when they’re on their own time. Greeting people is not supposed to be about announcing our own religion, it’s about wishing other people happiness. So why would you tell a Jewish person you wish them a nice Christmas when you know they don’t celebrate Christmas? Wouldn’t it make more sense for a Christian to wish a Jewish person “Happy Hannukah”, and for the Jewish person to wish the Christian a “Merry Christmas”? Of course it does! But when you work retail, you don’t have time to be finding out what holidays customers celebrate, and you certainly don’t want to be guessing – so just be nice to one and all and say, “Happy Holidays!” That fits if it’s before Thanksgiving, or after Christmas and before New Years, and it’s not at all anti-Christmas. Christmas is a holiday, after all.

The people telling you that “liberals” don’t want to say Merry Christmas, and that there is a “War on Christmas” are trying to gaslight you. Open your eyes. Look around. See the Christmas decorations and songs and ads that show up before Halloween. Notice that nobody is keeping Christians from celebrating Christmas in any way that they want. Learn that the X in X-mas has been used for centuries, and it is a symbol for Christ, so it is no more anti-Christ than the fish symbol that many Christians put on the back of their car. Don’t let people gaslight you into disbelieving what you can see with your own eyes.

And then have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas From Vault Tec Fallout Ugly Sweat

Merry Christmas From Vault Tec Fallout Ugly Sweat


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