Democracy needs local news 2022 shirt


Democracy needs local news 2022 shirt

I do not remember Christmas Day itself that year, but the events around theDemocracy needs local news 2022 shirt this holiday changed my life forever. I was living in Los Angles at the time and was dirt poor as I was very underemployed. I did not have any ambition, but was content. I had a new girl friend (we had been dating for not yet six weeks). I was too poor to buy a Christmas tree. It had been raining for about a week, and was expected to raining for the next week (for those of you that do not know the weather for Los Angeles, this was highly unusual). Three days before Christmas I was driving around with my girlfriend doing some last minute Christmas shopping, when an announcement came on the radio that they were giving away free Christmas trees at a location about one half mile from where we were. I looked at my girlfriend and she said, “Yes, let’s go get a Christmas tree” A couple left turns later, there we were. There was a truck with two trailers full of Christmas trees trying to give them away. The owner of the property where the truck was park had call the police and wanted them to be charged with trespassing. He had Christmas tree lot down the street and this was killing his business.

Democracy needs local news 2022 shirt

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